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Sissy Training: Top 5 Sex Toys for Anal Play

Sissy training ranges from being sexually submissive to influencing your lifestyle. But wouldn't you admit sex is the most exciting part? Masturbation habits are just as important as outfits, behavior, and grooming. That means a sissy needs a couple of anal toys or a lifelike dildo for stimulation.

Private Sex Shows: 5 Ways to Seduce Cam Models

It may sound like a walk in the park to flirt with webcam models... But it's not as easy as you'd think. On adult chat sites where signup is free, many 'window shoppers' hang out and plague these poor souls. That's why we're sharing several methods for seducing performers!

Live Cam Sex: 10 Reasons It’s Better Than Dating

Dating can get pretty annoying, to put it bluntly. And we all know the downsides, like having less free time, forking out cash, and fully committing to a partner. But there are some benefits as well. For instance, the carefree fun involved, or bonds during sexual intercourse. Simply put, it’d be nice to have the advantages without any hassles.