Private Sex Shows: 5 Ways to Seduce Cam Models

Private Sex Shows: 5 Best Ways to Seduce Cam Models

It may sound like a walk in the park to seduce a cam model, but it’s not as easy of a task as some may think.

On many adult cam sites where it’s free to signup, lots of ‘window shoppers’ hang out in chat rooms and plague these poor souls.

They regularly deal with:

  • Tons of rudeness
  • An endless supply of cheesy pickup lines
  • Overused and painfully generic compliments

Simply put, they’ve heard it all.

If you don’t stand out, there’s a chance that you’ll be ignored.

But don’t worry, there’s hope! We’ve created 5 Easy Methods for Seducing Cam Models that anyone can use. By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll be able to confidently smooth talk your way into private sex shows. So take your pick of any babe or stud and seduce them with sweeping success!

Let’s kick off the list with a fun and sexy method:

#1. Use ‘Good’ Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk

To reiterate on what we said earlier, cam models constantly deal with cheesy and overused lines. Seriously, hang out in a popular models video chat room and just watch the flood of boring, generic phrases fly by.

Stand out from others by adding some passion into your words. Just think for a moment about what you’re truly feeling, then put effort into erotically embellishing on it. Dirty talking with such style is bound to raise some eyebrows and direct attention towards you. Not often does someone elaborate in a way that makes a model bite their lip with lust.

Learn more about how to seductively influence broadcasters by Spicing up Cybersex with Dirty Talk.

#2. Offline Messaging

Offline Messaging

Some adult chat sites have features to send cam models messages when they’re offline. Typically, this is called ‘Inboxing’ and it can be used to your advantage! By utilizing offline messages, you’re able to drop a line to let a model know you’ve been thinking about them while they’ve been gone. This kind of personal touch can communicate that really care and truly desire them.

Just don’t go overboard with offline messaging! Broadcasters login with the intentions of having a fun, sensual time. Seeing that there’s a novel’s worth of words waiting to be read can be a buzzkill and may work out to your disadvantage.

#3. Sending Tips!

Sending Tips

Anyone can use tipping to get on the fast track to seducing a babe or stud on cam. In fact, most sex cam sites have a way to send tips because it’s shown to be one of the best ways to flirt with cam models. Since actions speak louder than words, tipping is a way to directly point out that you appreciate the sexy time you have together. That way, they know you really mean it.

You’ll find that just about every cam model that regularly flirts with a particular viewer will receive tips in return. There’s a reason they say money is the fastest way to a girls heart! Jokes aside, you don’t even have to use many credits on tipping, a little something here and there can go a long way in your path to seduction.

#4. Give a Compliment

Give a Compliment

Compliments are always nice to give and receive as long as they’re not conditional or generic. Similar to our segment on dirty talk, you should put effort into making what you say stand out. Try complimenting a cam model in a way that’s embellished upon.

Here are a few bad vs good examples:

  • Bad: “Nice hair.”
  • Good: “Your hair looks so gorgeous today!”
  • Bad: “Sexy clothes.”
  • Good: “That lingerie you are wearing is so sexy! Is it new?”
  • Bad: “You’re funny.”
  • Good: “You always have me laughing my butt off every time I come in here!”

Overall, try and point out physical or personality attributes that are particularly special about that model. Putting a touch of uniqueness on what you say can truly make someone feel good, and when you are a beacon of positivity you’ll be rewarded.

However, be sure to stray away from conditional compliments. This kind of pseudo-positive encouragement can invoke all kinds of different emotions. For instance, an example of this negativity would be, “Wow, you’re looking hotter than usual today!” While these words have good intentions and may on the surface make the person feel good, it can also drum up some insecurities or even anger when you really analyze what they said.

#5. Ultimate Seduction: Private Shows!

Private Show Seduction

Many broadcasters video chat with the intentions of eventually sliding into a private show. After all, its shown to be the #1 Method of Seduction!

Taking a model into private is as easy as pressing a big button and having their undivided attention. While these personal sex shows are the most simple and all around best ways for seducing a cam model, doing it immediately may not be a great idea. You want to get to know the person on cam before taking it this far!

Use all the methods we’ve talked in this post, such as dirty talk, compliments and sending tips to build a connection between the two of you first. That way, when you do get into that anticipated private live sex session, it’ll be that much more personal and seductive for both parties involved.

Try looking into, ‘Making moves during sex cam shows‘ for more tips about pushing the sexual satisfaction of private shows to its limit.

Find the right cam model for you!

Find a Cam Model

Being paired up someone that fits what you truly desire can be the best way to seduce a cam model. Because sometimes, all you need is a broadcaster that’s the perfect match for you!

To easily accomplish the daunting task of finding the right babe or stud, we suggest using Flirtlu. They’re an adult cams site that has features to sort all online models by both age and category. Enter their ‘Girls Section’ to browse online cam girls or their ‘Guys Section’ to see dudes on webcam!

Still in pursuit of an adult chat site to try out your new seduction tactics? Dive into the Top Free Sex Cam Sites. There’s a bunch of great platforms to choose from on their list, and they go into depth describing the strengths and weaknesses of each live cam site.

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