Sissy Training: Top 5 Sex Toys for Anal Play

Sissy training ranges from being sexually submissive to influencing your lifestyle. But wouldn't you admit sex is the most exciting part? Masturbation habits are just as important as outfits, behavior, and grooming. That means a sissy needs a couple of anal toys or a lifelike dildo for stimulation.

Private Sex Shows: 5 Ways to Seduce Cam Models

It may sound like a walk in the park to flirt with webcam models... But it's not as easy as you'd think. On adult chat sites where signup is free, many 'window shoppers' hang out and plague these poor souls. That's why we're sharing several methods for seducing performers!

Live Cam Sex: 10 Reasons It’s Better Than Dating

Dating can get pretty annoying, to put it bluntly. And we all know the downsides, like having less free time, forking out cash, and fully committing to a partner. But there are some benefits as well. For instance, the carefree fun involved, or bonds during sexual intercourse. Simply put, it’d be nice to have the advantages without any hassles.

10 Gay Male Model Twitters (Most Sexy)

Looking for pictures and videos of the hottest gay men? Well, look no further! We made a top list for the ‘10 Best Gay Model Twitter Accounts’ to get a dose of sexy boy toys! And these guys have done it all from underwear modeling to even the adult industry. And each profile provides the sexiest men for your viewing pleasure.

Broadcaster: Chat Community

A wonderful community has started to blossom in my gay chat room. Originally, I only intended to do private sex shows for guests. But it quickly turned into quite a party! After about a week of broadcasts, people began stopping by to talk online. As a bisexual man, acceptance in the community makes me feel welcome.

Broadcaster: Webcam Schedule

Lately, there were only a few chances to broadcast due to a busy schedule. Becoming a P.T. is my dream career. Unfortunately, studying for an upcoming certification takes priority over webcam chatting. In other news, I’ve been doing a muscle training routine during streams.

27+ Adult Video Chat Rooms (Best Free Sites)

Are you an adult looking to talk online? So are 150,000+ other people every month in the United States alone! It's common to bounce around to new apps or websites seeking the 'right one'. Therefore, we've put together a top list of 27+ awesome adult video chat rooms!

Top 15 Sex Chat Rooms (Best for Live Cams)

For anyone looking to chat online, you'll quickly notice all the trashy sites. And when you dive into adult genres... Finding one that 'doesn’t suck' can be difficult, to say the least. Our team identified this issue, then made a list of the Top 15 Sex Chat Rooms. But before we start rambling about the best sites, let’s discuss why we have the authority to create a guide.