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Private Sex Shows: 5 Ways to Seduce Cam Models

It may sound like a walk in the park to seduce a cam model, but it's not as easy of a task as some may think. On many adult cam sites where it's free to signup, lots of 'window shoppers' hang out in chat rooms and plague these poor souls.

Live Cam Sex: 10 Reasons It’s Better Than Dating

Not to be blunt, but dating can kind of suck. (It's the truth!) We all know the downsides: Having less free time, fully committing to someone, the ridiculous amount of money you have to fork out, and lets not even get started on peoples families!

10 Gay Male Model Twitters (Most Sexy)

Looking for pictures and videos of the hottest gay men? Well, look no further! We've compiled a top list for the 10 best gay model Twitter accounts to get a daily dose of sexy, fabulous and fit boy toys! The guys featured have done it all from underwear…