10 Gay Male Model Twitters (Most Sexy)

Looking for pictures and videos of the hottest gay men? Well, look no further!

10 Gay Male Model Twitters (Most Sexy)

We made a top list for the ‘10 Best Gay Model Twitter Accounts’ to get a dose of sexy boy toys! And these guys have done it all from underwear modeling to even the adult industry.

Whether it’s…

  • Hot fitness dudes
  • The most erotic gay news
  • Or straight up nude selfies!

Each profile below provides the sexiest men for your viewing pleasure.

1. Peaks N Valleys (@MrPeaksNValleys)

Peaks N Valleys is the number one gay model Twitter you must follow.

Peaks N Valleys

They put out content featuring attractive guys. – And this account posts pictures multiple times every hour! Overall, their Tweets include men wearing fashionable attire or posing in minimal clothing.

So visit them now for a fix of studs!

2. Pretty Male Models (@prettymalemodel)

Number 2 on the top list is Pretty Male Models, which shows off fit guys.

Pretty Male Models

Their account shares pictures of hot men. – Then most tweets feature international studs in professional settings. Also, there are occasional selfies and home videos.

You’ll find hunks working out, magazine covers, and much more sexiness here!

3. VGLmen (@vglmen)

VGLmen is the best gay model Twitter if you want the hottest degree of men.

Male Model Daily

Tweets mainly include muscle guys in several striking poses. – For the most part, it’s a blend of classy and sexy. Generally, each modeling photo displays hairstyles, ripped bodies, or beautiful faces.

Expect updates in your feed daily with names alongside each super stud.

4. Gay Times (@GayTimesMag)

Gay Times is a best-selling gay magazine, but they also have a popular Twitter.

Gay Times Magazine

Stay up to date on LGBT news and sexy guys! – Take note, they post several times daily featuring many male models. In addition, you’ll commonly see articles shared here that’ll keep you informed on the gay community.

5. iHeartGuys (@iHeartGuysChat)

iHeartGuys is a gay chat community to meet Live Guys on webcam.


But we also have a Twitter with selfies of gorgeous men! – You’ll find quality photos with hunks working out, gay models, or some sexy eye candy to leave you breathless.

Drop us a follow for ripped muscles and matching six-pack abs.

6. Hottest Man Candy (@WorldsHottestMC)

Worlds Hottest Man Candy is a Twitter that shares content true to their name.

Worlds Hottest Man Candy

Each post fits a specific sexy theme. – For example, there’s both Tattoo Tuesday and Warrior Wednesday!

So follow this account if you’re looking for tweets of hot guys in professional photos.

7. The Dreamboys (@TheDreamboys)

The Dreamboys are the UK’s most famous male glamour show.

The Dreamboys

The best way to describe them? “Music, muscles, and mayhem!” – Also, they do Twitter updates pretty often. Every post has a blend of hot pictures, showtimes, or gifs for their beautiful male models.

Check this one out to see fine, British men dance and pose!

8. MarcoMarco_LA (@marcomarco_la)

MarcoMarco_LA’s gay Twitter account has a variety of cute and sexy studs.


You’ll see classy gentleman, fit hunks or inked guys here. – Then they mostly feature photos with risque Californian men. Although, sometimes it can go a little worldwide as well.

Want a fix of fine Cali studs? Send this profile a follow now!

9. L’Homme Invisible (@HI_UNDERWEAR)

L’Homme Invisible gathers the sexiest men then puts them on Twitter!

L'Homme Invisible

It’s a lingerie account which shares steamy men. – Additionally, the dudes are always striking poses in a mixture of pictures and clips.

Photos include guys doing normal activities, such as sipping coffee or cooking food.

10. Undie Fan (@undiefan)

Undie Fan is exactly what it sounds like, a male underwear model Twitter.


Basically, the concept for this profile is simple. – They share pictures of hot guys casually posing in underwear! Furthermore, Tweets show their passion with a high amount posted daily.

From amateur selfies to Calvin Klein models, this is for anyone who loves the men’s department!

Did you like the 10 Sexy Gay Model Twitters? Is there a similar account you follow? Leave a comment!

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