Broadcaster: Webcam Schedule

Lately, there were only a few chances to broadcast due to a busy schedule.

Broadcaster: Webcam Schedule

Becoming a P.T. is my dream career. – Unfortunately, studying for an upcoming certification takes priority over webcam chatting. In other news, I’ve been doing a muscle training routine during streams.

And it’s brutal because my arms feel like they’re about to fall off after workouts. But eventually, I’ll look better than ever before. In fact, you could say it’s an investment since I love looking good for the community!

Short-Term Goals

Over the next month, I’ll stay on a strict streaming schedule.

My goal is to complete 5 gay chat sessions every week. – Going live shortly after returning from the gym.

That way, everyone can see me looking extra ripped with a nice pump. Hopefully, more new people come by the chat room during these additional private sex shows!

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